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Often times it does not look or even feel like Spring, but the light has …changed….something that animals see, feel and react to before we do…changing seasons grew from the deep connections between us and the natural world, as we can see in the word itself, for Imbolc refers to sheep’s milk in old Irish.

Busy Planting Olive Trees

At this time last year, I ran an Imbolc photography workshop in Venice. It rained non stop for the entire weekend, but it was beautiful none the less. This morning, however, further down the peninsula at home in Le Marche, I have been busy planting olive trees in warm sunshine; doing it properly this time having learned the skill from my neighbours, replacing those which died, due probably to my negligence over winter (which so far has not been a proper winter at all). They only cost 7 euros each however, so it’s ok.
So I now have 27 olive trees. A marvel.

A River Runs Through It

Has anyone read ‘A river runs through it’? by Norman McLean. Just re-discovered it and find it delightful to read again. Was given it by a friend years back in CA and it stirs memories of travelling in North America up though the northern western states.

But there is indeed something different in the air during these days and I noticed this just now as a light air plane flew overhead offering that softened summer sound which in winter you don’t hear. But it’s not just the sounds, it’s also the smells of my budding fruit trees and I suppose my rose bushes too, which have flowered all winter but suddenly, today, seem more alive. And the surprise of seeing huge bumble bees tapping away at the warmed wall of our house looking for nooks and crannies to do what inside, I’ve no idea, lay their eggs maybe?

A Seasonal Shift?

Is it just this time of year I wonder? A seasonal shift in my senses, or a shift perhaps in my very life? I have little love now for cities or indeed towns of any size. This is why I have chosen Cittadella for our future workshops; a place up in the sky where we can really leave the modern world behind and give our attention to the rhythms of nature, to the magnificent rivers and mountains of the Sibillini range. Spending unhurried time together, making and talking about the work we produce, painting, sketching, photography and writing poetry.

Here you will learn to how to re-awaken your innate creativity, not just on this weekend, but how to do so always in your life, to be able to create beyond yourselves.