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Tango of Creativity Weekend 2019

June 13 - June 17


The Tango of Creativity Weekend

14 – 17 June 2019 at Cittadella

With Michael Eldridge and Michelle Rumney

Going Out and Coming In

This year’s Tango of Creativity in Cittadella reflects the simple rhythm of breathing – out and in, out and in…


Each morning, after Tai Chi by the pool and breakfast together, we’ll be setting out into the stunning Appalachian countryside below the mountains and taking a creative walk. Absorbing the moment, on these gentle trails of exploration there’ll be things to see and touch, infinite details to notice, and plenty to collect visually – raw ingredients if you will. These walks are not designed to be strenuous or physically demanding (unless you want yours to be) and range from an hour to all morning, depending on how warm it is and where we’re heading. You are free to venture too on your own, though we’ll sometimes be setting you tasks in pairs or small groups.


Each afternoon, returning to home base at Cittadella, exploring further what we found –  ideas we sparked, sketches we made, notes we took and photos we captured… Transforming these into paintings, poems, photographs, drawings, collages, paper sculptures, artists books – or whatever they need to be. All with the gentle guidance of Michael and Michelle, experienced artists and coaches who’ll help you through if you’re stuck and challenge you if you’re in your comfort zone too long – this will stretch you. We want you to surprise yourself.


This rhythm continues –  out each morning and coming in and by the end of the weekend, it’ll be clear how far you’ve deepened your own means of self-expression. You’ll literally be able to see it. A real hero’s journey if you like – going out after heeding the call to Adventure, then coming back to share the knowledge or treasure you’ve found. You’ll probably find you learn as much from each other as from your tutors Michael & Michelle, who are running this particular weekend for the 4th time this year.


The evenings tend to relax into a different space – getting to know new people around an Italian home-cooked meal, continuing our ongoing conversations about creativity, art of all kinds, landscapes, nature or whatever. (Michael is an entertaining storyteller!). There’s also Tango sometimes – and you are free to come and go as you please. Time together and time alone – there’s space to make the most of it all. By the end of the weekend, if we’ve done our job right, you’ll be in a different space creatively – and leave feeling moved and inspired.

Time to Get Into Your Creative Flow

‘The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable’  ……Robert Henri

This is a course for anyone who is curious about their own creativity and what that might unfold. It’s for people who call themselves artists – photographers, painters, printmakers, writers, poets, dancers, musicians, singers – and equally for people who don’t think of themselves as artists in that sense at all. What we know is that human beings are by nature all creative. We have people of all ages and all walks of life on our courses – and usually from different parts of the world too. Instruction is given in both English and Italian.

“Each day begins with movement, getting us in flow, connecting with ourselves. Then time spent exploring aspects of creativity, process, approach and mindset. We’ll be engaging you with the challenges and joys of simply paying attention, increasing your awareness and tuning in – unwinding.

Our challenges over the course of these precious few days use walking, photography, drawing, painting, poetry to help immerse everyone in the simple pleasures of creating beyond ourselves 

Once you get started, these creative adventures tend to take on a momentum of their own, carrying you along with them. Our intentions are that you come away refreshed, clear and enthused about the next steps in your own personal artist’s journey… And it’s a journey of re-awakening and learning how to keep awake in this restless world, awake to the wonder of nature and the necessity of keeping our creative selves alive.

All our workshops/retreats are practical in nature and involve word and image and often dance and music too. Doing, making and producing endless quantities of work, and, above all, loosening the tyranny our rational minds for a while by painting, haiku, fun mind games and wellbeing exercises

Our objective always is to take you back to your original creative self; to immerse you once more in the magic pool of your precious creativity which has been waiting for your attention for so long. Our programme works wonders and you’ll love it! And what’s more, we give you a toolkit to take away with you so you never lose this gift again.”

Your Chance To:

  • Unwind & recharge in Italy, the Cultural Heart of Europe
  • Leave busy-ness behind 
  • Improve your visual and expressive skills
  • Dissolve creative blocks
  • Take your time, enjoy the space
  • Meet others with similar creative challenges
  • Learn
  • Absorb the natural beauty of this special part of Italy
  • Walk, explore, discover something new about yourself
  • Be touched, moved and inspired…

“You don’t need to be able to draw or paint or sing or make music or write stories, or whatever you think of when you think of the word ‘ARTIST’ – artist is a state of mind, and that’s what this is all about – your creativity will come out in whatever ways you allow it.”

Based at La Cittadella

Centro Agrituristico & Country House – a home from home in the heart of the mountains – with comfy rooms, a pool, gardens with views of the mountains, a kitchen, a restaurant serving home-cooked food and miles and miles of walking, riding and the great outdoors to explore.

Read what the Guardian says about Cittadella.


  1. Click here to BOOK your workshop place, which costs 210 euros – this takes you to Michael’s site, StarStone – please don’t be alarmed!!
  2. And then once you’ve received confirmation, book your accommodation direct the wonderful Cittadella. This way, you can choose exactly when you’ll arrive and how long you’d like to stay there – many of our guests choose to arrive early. These rates include use of the outdoor pool.
  • Full board – (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) at Cittadella is our recommended option as the 4 days of the retreat are full of activity, so this way you won’t have to concern yourself with shopping for food or finding a restaurant. The food at Cittadella is home-cooked, delicious and caters for vegetarians.
    Double room (two sharing) – Rates are from 35 euros each per night for a shared room (based on two sharing, so 70 euros per room per night). We can pair you up with another guest if you’re coming alone or you can take a single room.
    Single room
  • Half board in a shared room is 27.50 per person – 55 euros per room.
  • B&B only – there are now three new mini apartments: Single 50 euros per night, Two sharing 70 euros per night, Three sharing 80 euros per night.

Your Course Leaders for 14-17th June are:

Michael Eldridge
Creativity Coach
Photographer & Painter
Ex-Director of Photography at AUB


Michelle Rumney headshot



Michelle Rumney
Workshop Facilitator & Coach
Artist-in-residence for Hereford Cathedral
& St Thomas Way



Michael Eldridge
Michelle Rumney


Centro Agrituristico Rurale La Cittadella dei Sibillini di Montemonaco
Montemonaco, Ascoli Picano, Marche 63048 Italy
+ Google Map
+39 0736 85 63 61