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Find Your Own Creative Feet With Our Special Weekends

Our notorious workshops take professional creatives and ‘normal’ people alike and lead them through a series of mini-adventures designed to teach, provoke and inspire.

Our workshops cater for creatives of all disciplines and skill levels and offer wonderful settings, great food and accommodation, guided tuition sessions throughout each day, impromptu Tango lessons (optional!), free time to relax, and some ‘sightseeing’, but from a different perspective.

As lovers of the creative process, we’ve created these weekends especially for small groups that are the perfect mix of doing and being – they are challenging and will stretch you, but re-energising too. Plus, in our experience, they’re always full of other interesting people.

The Tango of Creativity is the place to come for people looking to immerse themselves in an experience full of the joy and wonder of ‘creating beyond ourselves’.

‘The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable’ ……Robert Henri

Off to the Heart of Italy Again in..








The Tango of Creativity

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